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About Venturetechnica

Technology in a New World 

Venturetechnica is a company whose purpose is to make other companies and organizations better with technology. Unlike most IT, Software development or web companies our goal is not to sell you a particular product or technology. Our only goal is building your business and making your project a success by finding the right technology for your needs and budget. Our unique perspective allows us to focus on what is best for you.


At Venturetechnica we believe that everyone benefits when local businesses succeed and grow. For that reason we have dedicated ourselves to helping all companies succeed, become more efficient, find new revenue streams and grow to create jobs and boost the economy.

Venturetechnica is headquartered in downtown Syracuse, New York and has the resources to work with clients around the globe.

About the Founder

“We don’t have to change the rules, that’s already happened. Our mission is to help you embrace the modern world that we already live in and get the most out of it.” -Matthew G. Masur

Venturetechnica LLC was founded by longtime technology specialist and serial entrepreneur, Matthew G. Masur.

Matthew’s passion for all things technical started with his first Matthew G Masur, Founder Venturetechnica LLCcomputer, a brand new Tandy 1000TX that he got for Christmas at age 5. At the age of 14 Matthew started working in a local computer repair store where he learned as much about business as he did about computers.

At age 18 he started his first computer services company and it all grew from there. Fast forward almost 20 years from that first job, Matthew has an impressive resume of successful business ventures, community involvement, special projects and extensive professional technology experience in the areas of education, government, healthcare, manufacturing and small business.

Half computer nerd, half business nerd, Matthew started Venturetechnica as a way to combine his passions and experience to help others in ways that has never been  previously available.

Embracing the “internet of things“, Matthew believes it’s time to break the mold of old-school, cookie-cutter, dime-a-dozen tech companies.